Ryan Horsley Testimonial - IBC Razor

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Ryan Horsley Testimonial - IBC Razor

We recently caught up with Ryan Horsley (@haychcuts) co-owner of Haychdee Barbershop (@haychdee_barbershop) and asked him to give his honest opinion of the Irving Barber Co. Straight Razor.
T H E  V E R D I C T
Comfort - 5/5
Weight - 5/5
Aesthetic - 5/5
Durability - 5/5
Blade locking mechanism 5/5 
Value for money 5/5

Would you recommend this razor?

What’s your impression of the IBC Razor?
The IBC Razor is my favourite razor to date, the blade locking mechanism becomes so natural which saves you time when preparing for a shave, and let's be honest you can't beat all of these colour options. I think anyone who's looking to upgrade from cheap plastic razor holders to something of quality that will last, this is the razor for you. 

Thanks Ryan!

We are proud Australian importers of the original IBC Straight Razor from the USA.