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Specialising in Japanese scissors, we at Scissor & Supply Co. are scissors suppliers that believe that good quality equipment is essential to your trade. Japanese steel is considered to be the best quality scissor steel in the world, originally made famous in medieval times as being used by famous samurai’s katana’s (swords). It utilises a fine microstructure for fine sharpness and ability to stay sharp longer than other traditional steels.

Japanese scissors are a great option if you are doing lots of ladies’ cuts as they are designed to have a sharper convex edge on them for easy slicing and chipping. Our range of Japanese scissors maintain a finer, sharper edge that lends itself to clean cuts and allows for advanced cutting techniques.

Scissor Supply Co. has a wide variety of scissor options for bulk wholesale as well as individual purchase. All our quality scissor options will provide many years of reliable service and outperform any alternatives. Our range of scissors included world renowned brands Osaka, Kasho, and Joewell that are used and recommended by platform hairstylists all over the globe.

Our Osaka scissors are simple in design yet deliver Japanese craftmanship in its finest form using only the top Japanese steel for production. Our Kasho branded scissors have cutting tension kept at the perfect level thanks to their patented disc operating system for less effort, less hand fatigue, and more perfect cuts. The Joewell range provides award winning designed hand finished scissors that cater for a diverse set of hairdressing needs, providing the cutting edge to your creativity.

For a scissor’s supplier that stocks reliable, hard-working tools designed to ensure that you can let your creativity flow, explore the Scissors Supply Co. collection.