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Well designed premium Cutting Capes from "BarberStrong", an American supply company based in Miami, Florida.

If you’re after a superior quality cape, “The Barber Cape” by Barber Strong is highly recommended. How do we know? We use them ourselves!

They are engineered with:

• Static-reducing NanoShield carbon fiber infused material
• Extra length in the back, and
• An elastic neckband to keep client’s cool & comfortable

They may be used with or without necktape.


1. Pinstripe

2. White Barberstrong Shield pattern

3. Gold Metallic Barberstrong Shield pattern

4. Solid colour


• Carbon fiber infused NanoShield material for permanent static reduction & hair repellency
• Ultra-flex neckband to fit all sizes from adults to children
• Oversized for complete maximum coverage 139cm x 165cm (55" x 65")


• 100% NanoShield Polyester technology
• Machine Washable
• Tumble Dry, Low Heat