IQ Perfetto Hairdryer by Gama Professional

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This hairdryer is brought to you by the well respected Gama company from Italy. They've been in the business since 1969 (say no more!).

The IQ Perfetto is the world's lightest, most powerful and intelligent hair dryer. It weighs only 294 grams and has a 2,000W brushless motor (the motor utilises magnets which means less moving parts!).

The memory function remembers your last settings. There's also a lock function to prevent accidentally changing the settings during use. There's even an auto-clean function!

The IQ Perfetto comes with 2 x directional attachments and a diffuser. We almost forgot to mention the long 3m cord which is very useful!

Our verdict: We found this dryer to be very light and comfortable. It was quieter and also dried the hair very efficiently. We LOVE it!


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