Osaka ZETA Scissor Hitachi 440c Stainless

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Material: Hitachi 440c Stainless Steel

Sizes available:  5.5" | 6.0" | 6.5" | 7.0"
Best suited for point cutting and blunt cutting.

IDEAL FOR BARBERING - flat blade design perfect for scissor-over-comb.

Also available in left-handed configuration: 6.5" | 7.0"

Light and Powerful Blade for Barbering and Point Cutting.

Thumb Comfort and Curvature to Avoid Pain on Shoulder, elbow and wrist.

Twisted Rings in order to improve the grip and stability.

Made from 440C High Carbon Steel to enhance the edge.

Our verdict:
These scissors are super fast, feel very comfortable, and are great fun to use! They allow very accurate scissor-over comb work due to the blade cutting very close to edge of the comb.